historical essay on vasco da gama in urdu

continued the tradition, begun by Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460) and maintained sporadically ever since, of exploring the African coast. Vasco da Gama and the Portuguese explorers. Though that statement would seem to describe the 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) to the New World, it is equally true of a less famous expeditionfrom an American perspective, at leastthat set sail five years later. Vasco da Gama commanded two more fleets to India. Around half of his crew died from scurvy as the trip back took much longer. The wealth from the trade that da Gamas voyages had made possible returned to Portugal both as money to establish sugar plantations in Portugal and on islands that Portugal controlled off the African coast and as slaves to work these plantations. Some historians cite 1460 as the year of Vasco da Gamas birth, whereas others cite 1469. Vasco Da Gama, portuguese Explorer, in the last years of the fifteenth century, an explorer set off from the Iberian Peninsula, full of grand illusions and hoping to reach India by going where no European had ever gone before. The voyage back was disastrous. This sample Vasco da Gama Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. Their goal was the city of Calicut (not to be confused with Calcutta) on the Malabar, or southwestern, coast of India, and da Gama took with him letters of introduction both to the ruler of Calicut and to Prester John.

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From the standpoint of India, wealthy in natural resources, these were cheap trinkets, and though the zamorin sent back samples of treasure and spices when da Gama set sail again in August 1498, this was probably more from courtesy than from a genuine belief that. Parents and Teachers : Support Ducksters by following us. Activities, take a ten question quiz about this page. New York: Chelsea House Publishers. Da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal, where his father was governor. This one was led by Vasco da Gama, who sailed under the Portuguese flag and rounded the southern best essay on world population tip of Africa to become the first European to reach the Indian subcontinent by sea. The early days of Vasco da Gama remain a mystery. (New York Public Library Picture Collection. By then Portugal had established ports in Asia from Diu on the western tip of India to Malacca near the southern tip of Malaysia, giving the Portuguese control of the Indian Ocean. If you want to buy a high quality research paper on history topics at affordable price please use custom research paper writing services.

historical essay on vasco da gama in urdu

A third group of historians rejects both years, and controversy continues.
Da Gama may have studied mathematics and navigation at Evora, Portugal, although again the matter is in doubt.

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