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guardian care, lest by the constraint of so great an army they be ruined rather than removed. " The man of God first answered him with a cheerful jest, "If thou thinkest me a fugitive slave, 5 prepare a ransom which thou canst offer for me when I am claimed." Presently he added, more seriously, "What profiteth it the servant of God. When they had heard two different countries essay these things, the inhabitants of Comagenis begged forgiveness for their unbelief, and obeyed with holy works the admonitions of the man of God. In more recent times the missionary spirit has manifested itself anew amongst the Benedictines. The Cistercians had Rewley Abbey just outside the town, founded about 1280, and.

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Those of the American Cassinese congregation have already been enumerated; they include three seminaries, fourteen schools and colleges, and an orphanage, with a total of nearly two thousand students. Indeed, it is seemly that I should add something to thy sacred bounty, which all men know, not take away from it; that I may deserve to be protected by thy wonted prayer, as was our father Flaccitheus. A political head would certainly have acted wholly otherwise than Severinus. The object was an elaboration of the Benedictine ideal, for the uniform preservation of which a highly centralized system of government, hitherto unknown to Benedictine monachism, except as suggested. Note to online edition: there is no note 2 on the page in the printed text. Uniformity in the various congregations is further secured by what are called Constitutions. Lrins, for instance, one of the oldest, which had been founded.

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