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can be different colors, and their wool can have different textures. They are different in many ways. Select a subject to preview related courses: To unlock this lesson you must be a m Member. This black ram has horns that curl around his head. In the United States, the popular breeds are : Texas has the most sheep in the United States. Today, modern sheep, through selective breeding are bred for either their good meat or quality wool. These breeds include the Hampshire, Shropshire, Southdown, and the Suffolk. To them we are also indebted for some of the most pleasing, as well as for the most important and useful arts.

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M erino sheep have fine wool and Romney sheep have coarse wool. Because of their thick wool coats, sheep can survive in colder climates. Navajo-Churro, picture and more information about the Navajo. Wild sheep look a lot like wild goats. W ool is used on the outside of most good brands of tennis balls. The lambs are killed when they are 3-10 days old for their fur. The young are called lambs and the male is called the ram. Do you know the enemies of the sheep?

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