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be in a window? Geoscience : the study of the physical composition and behavior of planets. They are also psychologically more vulnerable than many adults, who already have a more shaped personality. If the universe is a simulation, then all known terran life is in fact artificial life, but life nonetheless. Extropianism is the thesis that the ultimate value is extropy. Transportation Transportation technology is mainly a function of the cost, size, and weight of energy storage and conversion technology. Nanotechnology will be used to create extraordinarily strong or light materials and extraordinarily tiny and versatile machines. How many stars are there?

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Arable soil will through conservation remain abundant, and minerals will continue to decrease in scarcity (i.e. Theories are invented (not discovered) because the explaining that they constitute was not already happening, even though the principle they describe help building a resume might have been. . Extra-biblical evidence The 1st-century Jewish historian Josephus confirms the historicity of Jesus by mentioning him as the brother of the martyred James. Combinatorics Which is more likely, heads-heads-heads or heads-heads-tails? Suicide should only be considered as an alternative to unavoidable and terminal physiological torment. Why do the planets go the same direction around the Sun? Bohr's Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory is that reality should not be assumed to have properties that exist independently of their being measured. Everything moves at the speed of light through space-time. The activated or mobilized servicemen receive the same pay as rank-and-file reservists. For the sake of brevity, this text indeed takes full advantage of the vocabulary of English. Prologue / Motivation I began writing this text in order to add to, clarify and preserve what I know and believe.

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