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are Field Work (1979 Station Island (1984 The Haw Lantern (1987 and Seeing Things (1991). But a wordpress thesis ebook poem like Punishment, about IRA disciplining of collaborators, torn as it is between complicity with civilized outrage and barbaric justice the exact/and tribal, intimate revenge and appearing in the end to confess a primitive stance, does so in such a way. Where poetry is taken seriously where fellow countrymen on several sidesmay hang on the implications of his slightest word the pressure towards non-literary involvement can be overwhelming. Ferreting themselves out of their dark hutch. In Wintering Out (1972) and North (1975 he began to encompass such subjects as the violence in Northern Ireland and contemporary Irish experience, though he continued to view his subjects through a mythic and mystical filter. Some of these essays appeared in Preoccupations: Selected Prose, (1980).

But how much art can Heaney allow himself? Taught by Philip Hobsbaum how to imitate such models as Ted Hughes, Heaney was precociously advanced, both in Britain and United States; but he has since developed steadily in skill and maturity, and now amply justifies the early praise.

( Oysters, 1979 significantly, his longing still takes the form of a wish to escape compromised things (nouns recrudescent henkering after the primitive true belief that is itself one of the curses of our time). Heaney also wrote essays on poetry and poets, including such figures as William Wordsworth, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Robert Lowell. But these few are worked out so fully, with such thorough realization, in so many sly obliquities, that memoriable poems result.

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In correcting and illuminating emotions, art is a strong ally. The Cure at Troy (1991) is Heaneys version of Sophocles Philoctetes, and a later volume, The Midnight Verdict (1993 contains translations of selections from Ovids Metamorphoses and from C*irt an mheadhon oidhche (The Midnight Court a work by the 18th-century Irish writer Brian Merriman. There is no doubt of the stubborn authenticity of Heaney s honesty. Words area means of communication for Heaney in more ways than one: Sensings, mountings from the hiding places, Words entering almost the sense of touch. Heaney s bleak volume North (1975) is informed with the idea of poetry fukuyama the end of history essay summary as almost a mode of power, certaqinly a mode of resistance against colonization.