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used by search engines to help potential audiences locate your work, so clarity will help to draw the attention of your targeted readers. Subsequent pages of text return to the 1 top margin. Then select Update Field and then Update Entire Table. References for options many of the components following the title and copyright pages have required headings and formatting guidelines, which are described in the following sections. If you choose to include any or all of these elements, give each its own page(s). This is where people usually come unstuck. Our dedicated team of journal editors and proofreaders will give you more confidence in the work that you submit after benefiting from our journal proofreading and editing services. Our dissertation or thesis editing and proofreading services will give you more confidence in the work that you submit. The heading you choose must be in all capital letters and centered 1 below the top of the page. You do this in exactly the same way as updating a table of contents. Include the phrase in parentheses.

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Scribbr editors correct an average of 150 errors per 1,000 words? We can tidy things up afterwards. You will probably want to add headings to your tables. Choose Figure by dropping down the menu using the arrow on the right. Mac compatible versions of Word should have similar options. For tables, choose Above selected item. Please see the sample thesis or dissertation pages throughout and at the end of this document for illustrations. Tables and figures are most effective if they are clearly numbered (Table 1, Figure 1 etc.) and referred to by their numbers in the main text of a thesis or dissertation, in each case with a brief explanation of what the reader will find. While such lists are often not required, they are recommended if you are using several figures and tables and your dissertation is running on the long side.