patriotism of india essay

officials and other citizens of the country are determined towards serving the nation rather than making quick money or getting quick services for themselves, the level of corruption will fall. Patriots are known to love their country unconditionally and are proud. And I, as the senior faculty member of our XYZ institution, have been chosen by our respected Principal to deliver a speech on patriotism. It majorly means we should have true love and feelings for the country and be passionate to work for its progress. Remember that the very foundation of our country is founded on the principles of tolerance and compassion. They ever try to understand to the people for good living in the country and dont make noisily country.

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A patriot is loved and honored by all we all are indebted to our mother-land. However, there are several anti-social elements in our society, who try to spoil the sat essay ppt image of our country. It is then that such a feeling will be instilled in the heart of every citizen forever. Speech on Patriotism. We must love and respect our country and serve it in whatever way we can. Sarojini Naidu, a famous singer of her times, was also a patriot at heart. Like them, we should also try to make the great nation and love to the country. While patriotism is good, nationalism is considered irrational and spiteful. Complete Your MBA from Home or Office in 6 Months from nmims (First Come First Serve System). Patriotic by Evil Persons, there are scoundrels and evil persons who have done no service to their country. The real patriotism is to join the mainstream of the country and dedicate oneself to the unity and solidarity of the nation. It is only due to the sacrifice, dedication and contribution of patriots that the nation develops and prospers.

We remember Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Laxmi Bai, Tipu Sultan Garibaldi, Gandhiji, Netaji, Shastriji because they dedicated themselves to the cause of the respective countries and countrymen. Many institutions host functions and organize events on 15th August and 26th January. It enlightens people about their predominant duties towards the nation. Love your country and show it in your actions. Patriotism Essay 4 (500 words introduction. Feeling of patriotism is the actual spirit that seeks happiness through supreme sacrifice for the country and enables us to step forward for doing our bit for our country.

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