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directional hearing in noisy habitats. Sonic booms were produced by aircraft approaching from eight different directions, creating free-field overpressures from 3-19 psf. Peak hearing sensitivity determined for manatees (Trichechus manatus) (about 3 kHz) is in the range of vocalizations recorded for this species (2-10 kHz) (Bullock et al, 1980). Also, jet engines produce a greater amount of noise in the high-frequency range, thus increasing their relative annoyance factor. Sensitive frequencies in this species varies from 70 Hz to about 4,600 Hz (Sawa 1976). Sound production is not confined to animals with well-developed sound receptors, nor do all animals in which sound perception is well-developed produce sound themselves. 3-7, 1973, Stockholm, Sweden.

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The resistance of long-eared bats (Plecotus townsendii) to jamming was analyzed by obstacle-avoidance tests in noise of various frequency bands (Griffin et al, 1963). Torque control mode means the VFD controls the motor torque instead of the frequency, the output frequency is automatically changed according to the speed. Observations with growing chickens on the effects of sounds of varying intensities. Deafening effects of noise on the cat. Incidental observations of other wildlife indicated that wolves were least disturbed by aircraft, moose how to keep your home clean essay (Alces alces) were less disturbed than caribou, and grizzly bear (Ursos arctos) were the most disturbed of all species observed. Thesis, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. From late April to early May 1978, an assessment was made of the apparent impact of the Barranquilla Airport in Colombia, on snail kite populations in the vicinity.

Pigeons have been shown to detect such frequency shifts in the laboratory (Quine 1979). Myrberg (1978) reviewed the available literature on ocean noise and the hearing ability of marine mammals, primarily the olontocete cetaceans and pinnipeds, because little or nothing is presently known about the subject in other groups of marine mammals.

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