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the chance to know. At the elementary level, students must accumulate a minimum of 600 hours of French instruction by the end of Grade. The language spoken by the majority of the surrounding population) and the minority language (i.e. Kloo makes multi-award winning Language Games. Student's proficiency in French increases based on the amount of time and the level of intensity of instruction in French.

As people from other. Benefits of Being Bilingual. Learning a second language at an early age.

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9 These programs are supported by the belief that bilingual children will benefit the most from transitioning into a mainstream classroom at the earliest age possible. Read More, home Early Learning Benefits, learning a second language at an early age. This CAL article by Kathleen Marcos (1998) reviews the personal, cognitive, academic, and societal benefits of second language learning. Upper Saddle River,.J. . In addition to providing a foundation for the learning of additional languages and the potential for more opportunities to participate in an increasingly globalized economy, learning FSL helps Ontario students to understand Canada's history and to develop an appreciation of French culture. A, faster, easier and, mORE FUN way to learn a language. Citation needed There are no long-term adverse effects of bilingual education on the learning of the majority language, regardless of whether the students' first language (L1) is a majority or a minority language or the organization of the educational program. Honolulu: Kamehameha Schools, Research Evaluation Division Campbell, Russell.; Gray, Tracy.; Rhodes, Nancy.; Snow, Marguerite Ann. "Languages and children-Making the match. Ultimately, students did not lose any proficiency in English and were able to develop native-like proficiency in French reading and comprehension; but, they did not quite reach native-like proficiency in spoken and written French. However, there were significant differences in the proficiency of mother tongue reading ability. 9 New Zealand edit New Zealand shows another instance of heritage bilingual immersion programs.

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