essay on hairspray the musical

be really healing. There are, to be sure, less thrilling moments, and stretches in which the pacing falters. The original 1988 movie introduced a young Ricki Lake to the world as Tracy Turnblad, the big and beautiful teenager fanatical for a 1960s after-school dance show. Yet, I cant help but think how much better this film would have been in Three-Strip Technicolor like so many Golden Age musicals (which I realize has been an impossibility since 1955). . Every month the show features Negro Day, a special day where race music is showcased; this is Tracys favorite event. Link's girlfriend, Amber Von Tussle, is a knockout that is the most popular. The original "Hairspray" may have been Waters's most wholesome, least naughty film, but there was no containing the volcanic audacity of Divine, who created the role of Edna Turnblad. Her songs Big, Blonde and Beautiful and I Know Where Ive Been are the most enjoyable, well sung numbers in the soundtrack. All the choreography in the movie prior to this was segregated by race, and now its all together, which is a very, very subtle reference to the theme of this movie. And when everyone around her character is dancing in the films grand dance-off finale, Bynes stands rhythmless (though that may have been due to her inordinately tight dress). . "Welcome to the '60s Tracy sings to her mother, conjuring up the New Frontier hopefulness of that decade's early years rather than the violence and paranoia of its denouement.

The musical numbers were a great touc h to the film, as they often served to get a strong message across.
Hairspray has taken the spotlight pushing the all time classics Gr ease.
Tunes, big hair and bright, funky costumes it surely is the musical to watch.
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Hairspray is an upbeat, toe-tapping musical that follows teen Trac y Turnblad in a coming-of-age story of how she fearlessly reaches for her.

essay on hairspray the musical

The main issue of Hairspray is racial segregation. As the Civil Rights Movement wa s very much alive in the 1960 s, Hairspray takes place in Baltimore, 1962. Who would think that hairspray, John Waters film comedy about racism, would.

On "The Corny Collins Show" Seaweed and his friends are relegated to a once-a-month Negro Day, presided over by Motormouth Maybelle (Queen Latifah). Travolta may pride prejudice essay marriage be able to sing and dance, but he cant perform one, crucial skill required by this part: dont give the audience the creeps. Both Link and Amber are stars on the Corny Collin's show. Hairspray s happy ending gave the story an arc that appealed to Broadway and Hollywood producers. Devine was naturally big, making her movements and eventual dancing sincere, if not awkward and campily enjoyable. How can you refuse?

This sort of nearsighted, if not disingenuous, framing persists today, whether in affluent parents in New York City insisting their opposition to school rezoning proposals is not about race, or in arguments suggesting that the best way to address racism is to stop accusing people. Ahm tryna orn she complains when she's trying to iron.).

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