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may NOT modify it in any way. Page Margins 1" on all sides (top, bottom, left, right) 1" on all sides (top, bottom, left, right). Underneath, center the title using regular title capitalization rules and no underline. Heading and Title, beginning one inch from the top of the first page and flush with the left margin, type your name, your instructors name, the course number, and the date on separate lines, double-spacing the lines. A table short story essay handout is labeled Table and given a number (e.g., Table 1). assigned an arabic numeral, and given a caption:. You can change spacing and other types of formatting easily and at any time in the writing process. Additional Information Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) - MLA Style Guide Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) - APA Style Guide Email Google Facebook Pinterest Report a Problem You can find this page online at: You may print and distribute up to 200 copies. Many college applications don't provide spacing guidelines because the admissions folks truly don't care what spacing you use. Top level headings should be centered on the page, using upper and lower case.

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They do not find all errors and sometimes label correct material as erroneous. Also, if you read the blogs and FAQs written by college admissions officers, you'll usually find a general preference for double-spacing. Mary Cassatt, Mother and Child, Wichita Art Museum. That means that the skinny l and wider w occupied the same amount of space on paper. The most recent thesis theme footer menu version of the Common Application, however, requires you to enter the essay into a text box, and you won't have any spacing options.

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