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Lumina Foundation, "New Report Shows Improved Pace of College Attainment Is Still Not Enough to Meet Future Workforce Needs; Massive Racial Achievement Gaps Continue luminafoundation. 2015 Grace Bird, "Study: College Education Can Delay Dementia m, Apr. 23, 2013 Julie Margetta Morgan, "College climate change thesis pdf Is a Safe Bet m, Nov. 24, 2010 Naomi Schaefer Riley, "You Can Lead Kids to College but You Can't Make Them Learn m, Nov. Hanson, "Along the Way to the.A. Were used but they are no longer preferred. You will need the author or editor's last name, an abbreviated title (in italics) and the number or numbers that are cited.

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Marvin Lazerson, "The Disappointments of Success: Higher Education after World War II The History of Higher Education, Eds. Include the citation for a reference or". 13, 2013 Rebekah Coleman, "Bachelors Degree: Generation Ys High School Diploma loans. A video on how to use footnotes in Microsoft Word Quick Summary To use footnotes as citations, find a sentence you want to cite and insert a "1" at the end of it using the footnote setting in your word processor. Method 2 Using Footnotes to Clarify Information 1, add footnotes that clarify sources to the reader. 6, 2012 Joshua Zumbrun and Craig Torres, college application statement "Bankers Warn Fed of Farm, Student Loan Bubbles Echoing Subprime m, May 7, 2013 Walter Hamilton, "Student-Loan Delinquency Rate Hits Danger Zone, Report Says m, Jan.