ozone layer depletion essay in tamil

was the catalytic cycles involving chlorine and nitrogen.12 Halons, an especially potent source of ozone depleting molecules, are used in fire extinguishers, refrigerants, chemical processing. It was thus realized that there is a growing probability of damage to ozone layer by human activities. In volcanic eruptions, the sulfate aerosols released are a natural cause of ozone depletion. Solomon, "Ozone Destruction through Heterogeneous Chemistry. This helps explain why there is less ozone in the Antarctic and Arctic polar regions.10, 11 The Antarctic ozone hole is the largest.

Ozone layer depletion essay in tamil
ozone layer depletion essay in tamil

Marine plant life also releases methyl bromide, but most is recaptured in seawater reactions.14, 15 and hydrofluorocarbons(HFCs) are being used as substitutes to replace chlorofluorocarbons. Methyl Bromide doesnt stick around. They deduced that the "aerosol particles act as a base for multiphase reactions leading to ozone moodle thesis completion tool loss."9 Chlorine and bromine cooperates with stratospheric particles such as ice, nitrate, and sulfate to speed the reaction. The bromine and fluorine in these chemicals act as catalysts, reforming ozone (O3) molecules and monatomic oxygen into molecular oxygen (O2). Since the life of these molecules is around 100 years, even with the adoption of protocols put forward at Montreal and London which were further refined at Copenhagen to make them acceptable to all countries, the ozone layer is not likely to make a significant. Science News, 148,.

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