essay on censorship in social media

with, the Arab Spring of 2011 is the biggest impact of social media at the political level. These are some of the things that the future will tell. The censorship of internet can protect children from undue information. This carefully orchestrated media campaign is used to boost the image of their throughout this essay synonym supreme leader Kim Jong Un and build a cult of personality around him. To make good use of social media platforms, messages about social media ethics and morality must be spread amongst people. The issue of internet censorship is a complex and controversial one. While it is considered by many to be a huge success, there has been many methods of bypassing the system since its instatement in 2003. Social media has created a gap between the generations.

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The filtering of key words influences the research of scholars, teachers and students. People tend to obsess over the number of likes theyve gotten (or not gotten) on their posts, and this has also known to create mental health implications for people. Some websites make use of internet illegally, which will give rise to baneful influence and threaten people's life security. It connects us to ourselves and the people around. With censorship, such seditious content can be contained and order will be preserved. Besides, many scholars and lawyers ask for the judicial interpretation of this accusation.

essay on censorship in social media

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The censorship of media is helping to sterilize music, television, and books.