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use of alternative enumeration strategies is increasing 13 but these are not so simple as many people assume and only occur in developed countries. Broadly, three definitions can be used: de facto residence; de jure residence; and, permanent residence. Unfortunately, many countries have outdated or inaccurate data about their populations and therefore, without accurate data are unable to address the needs of their population. Printed sheets have to be filled in with information about age, sex, education, occupation, religion, language etc. But to do that one must know the size of its current population otherwise all planning or economic forecasting tools are useless. A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. Students living at their place of education in term time but returning to a family home during vacations or children whose parents have separated who effectively have two family homes. When it comes to languages, many communities expressed their dismay because only nine out of the countrys estimated 70 languages are listed. "Register-based statistics in the Nordic countries" (PDF). Actuarial estimates could be made to project populations and plan for provision in local government and regions. Olfmi Tw, professor of Africana studies at Cornell University 42 See also edit United Nations (2008).

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This process of sampling marks the difference between historical census, which was a house to house process or the product of an imperial decree, and the modern statistical project. 21 Uses were to measure changes in the population and apportion representation. A half a per cent wrong estimate in population growth rate could throw future estimates out by as much as 20m to 40m people. This is becoming more important as students travel abroad for education for a period of several years. 24 This consideration is particularly important when individuals' census can you recite a citation in an essay responses are made available in microdata form, but even aggregate-level data can result in privacy breaches when dealing with small areas and/or rare subpopulations. Indeed, in the UK all residents were required to fill in the whole form but only a 10 sample were coded and analysed in detail, until 2001. According to an estimate, this census will cost Rs 18 billion. In Canada in 2010 for example, the government under the leadership of Stephen Harper abolished the mandatory long-form census. Online response is a good idea but one of the functions of census is to make sure everyone is counted accurately. A validation survey is still conducted in a similar way to the post enumeration survey employed in a traditional census. Census data offer a unique insight into small areas and small demographic groups which sample data would be unable to capture with precision. Kr├╝ger, Stephen, (Fall 1991).

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